Frequently asked questions

Question : How do I use absolute values?

Answer : You must use the abs function; for example : abs(x).

Question : How can I study a function having two domains?

Answer : To study a function with two domains, you have to do a separate study for each domain and then merge the results (mainly the tables of variations). Another possibility is to not specify any domain and in this case the app will search the domain by itself and, if everything goes well, will do automatically the study on the two domains.

Question : How can I use square roots?

Answer : Square roots are given by the symbol √ on the keyboard.

Question : How can I study fractions?

Answer : If you wish to study functions with fractions, you will have to use the slash / to separate numerator and denominator, by taking care to put them between parenthesis. For example: (x+1)/(x+2) or, more complicated, (x+2)/(x+3) - (x+1)/(x+2).

Question : How can I calculate an integral?

Answer : To calculate an integral, you have to type:
a) the function to integrate (for example x^3)
b) the integration interval (for example [1;3]) for the app or the two bounds (3 and 1) for the web site
After a click on Go, the result will be provided (here 20).If you do not specify any interval or bounds, the antiderivative will be given.